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My first steps in Second Life
28 January 2012

My name is Vickie Maidstone and I am a member of the online community known as Second Life. It will be my pleasure to bring to you bits and pieces of what I do in Second Life and to share thoughts and ideas with you world wide.

LabGraal Live at Languedoc Beach
14 December 2011

The winter landscaper and the sounds of bagpipes, flutes, drums, stings and a superlative voice – that is what concert-goers were treated to at Languedoc Beach in SL on Sunday, 11 December.

Life as a newbie
04 December 2011

I'm aware that I am an Avatar. I came into this life only a short time ago but I am capable of thinking, feeling, moving freely and standing on my own two feet. And I am aware of my surroundings and fellow Avatars.

Il mondo parallelo di “Second Life”
07 June 2011

Analisi e prospettive dell’universo virtuale che offre una “Seconda Vita”

Second Life è un universo virtuale, sostenuto dalla rete di Internet, in cui viene simulata la dimensione dello spazio-tempo...

Respect for Animals, Dignity for Ourselves
24 December 2011

SOS Gaia in Second Life for animal defense

Animals are  part of the planet's natural Peoples. They have their own cultures based on relationship with nature.

Second Life forms
04 December 2011

Hypothesis of who or what lurks behind rogue avatars

So you finally made an account and your all revved-up about stepping into the world of SL?

LabGraal in Second Life: the success goes on!
03 December 2011

I remember when I started playing dj in-world: the problems with the streaming, my first set, my first moderation through the mic, it was amazing.


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