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LabGraal Live at Languedoc Beach

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14 December 2011

The winter landscaper and the sounds of bagpipes, flutes, drums, stings and a superlative voice – that is what concert-goers were treated to at Languedoc Beach in SL on Sunday, 11 December.

LabGraal, once again graced the stages of the virtual world, bringing with it real world Keltic sounds and spirit. Sheela Nagy, aka Rosalba Nattero (leader and voice), JohnTitor Shan, aka Giancarlo Barbadoro (flutes and poet), LokiGraal Merlin, aka Luca Colarelli (bagpipes and guitar), Narval Roux, aka Andrea Lesmo (bouzuki and keyboards), and Gyot Greenwood, aka Gianluca Roggero (drums) hit the stage of Languedoc Coeur with the vitality and magic that the group is known for.

The digital counterparts of the quintet, bearing a striking lifelike resemblance to LabGraal in real-life, entertained a slew of partying avatars from around the globe. Sheela, John, Loki, Narval and Gyot took their digital instruments in hand and blasted the scene away.

The Second Life scenary set the stage to this grand event, as LabGraal performed from atop the stage of the Grand Music Hall at Languedoc Coeur. A snow-blanketed field of spectators rocked to the beat of an ancient heart and followed the tribal sounds streamed live from LabGraal’s recording room back in Italy. Showered by comments and applause, LabGraal had the chance to interact with its large fan community that so fervently follows the band, both in real and second life.

The rich repertoire of the band embraces the heart of the Highlands and crosses into Ireland, Brittany, and into the Celtic valleys of Piedmont (Italy). Traditional tunes such as “Are Ye’ Sleeping Maggie” and “Johnny Cope” take on a new flavor through enchanting musical arrangements that echo the musical culture of Europe’s Native Peoples.

Indeed, the band has a deep musical background characterized by its research into Europe’s Native cultures, led by Rosalba and Giancarlo (Sheela and John), to revamp and spread the ancient splendor of Druidic heritage. Perhaps this can be seen through the band’s commitment to the support of Native Peoples worldwide, having attended renowned venues such as the United Nations in order to stand as advocate of traditional rights and heritage.

This commitment blends into the Labgraal's music where Keltic spirit meets the vibrant sounds of Mother Earth in musical contaminations with the Natives of the Earth: Australian, African and American. The poems of Giancarlo Barbadoro offer moment of inner-reflection and serve as inspiration for many of the group’s songs. “Beyond the Horizon” and “In Dazzle Light” are just two examples of this alchemy that offer a stupendous mix of Native sounds.

This is why LabGraal can count numerous successes in both real and second life. The Native sounds just don’t convey music, but they communicate something more that touches the common root of humanity. Maybe the Keltic rock and Native sounds are just a way that LabGraal has of showing us the meaning of the Ancient Heart of Native Peoples.

LabGraal knows no boundaries.

For those lucky enough to be in the Northern Italy area, LabGraal welcomes you to the 2012 New Year’s celebration and concert at the magic stone circle of Dreamland.

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