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LabGraal in Second Life: the success goes on!

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03 December 2011

I remember when I started playing dj in-world: the problems with the streaming, my first set, my first moderation through the mic, it was amazing.

I though that probably it was going to be just a question of time before bands in real world were going to use the same strategy to perform on virtual stages with their avatars. LabGraal chose this path, the road to virtual live concerts, rapidly gathering fans and gigs.

LabGraal is an italian band with more than 20 years of history, 4 officially released albums, hundreds of live performances all over Europe and recently in the metaverse too.

Sheela Nagy is the beautiful voice and front girl of the band, composed by 4 other members (JohnTitor Shan, LokiGraal Merlin, Narval Roux, Gyot Greenwood ) playing guitar, flute, keyboard and drums.

The genre they perform is Celtic music, the most intensive, catchy and charming music of the Irish tradition but wait, don’t get them wrong, they do not stop at that: LabGraal expand the borders of folk sounds mixing and blending it with traditional Scottish and Breton, Center-African, Native American and Native Australian music, defining a fresh brand new melting pot of melodies and spirituality.

I knew about LabGraal reading blogs and other e-newspapers related to Second Life. I was astonished knowing that a non-Irish band was playing traditional Irish Music on S. Patrick’s Day at Relay for Life main event, so I got curious and waited to go see/hear them “virtually” live.

Their performance was at Trilateral Theatre, a stage built in the joining point of 4 sims, for the “Warchild” event, an event pro-children that became orphans because of wars.

As I got there I could not believe what I was seeing: the crowd was massive, I think I counted more than one hundred avatars spreaded in all 4 sims! The stage was breathtaking and the band was amazing! I selected midnight view and full power Windlight settings (did I tell you about my new videocard? I call It “the beast”...yeah I know, I’ll never stop telling you about it!), and sat

at home enjoying the show! I am a music lover and I pay a lot of attention to the quality of the sounds, especially using a pair of Bose Triport earphones, but I can tell you that the streaming, the equalization and the clearness of the sound was unbelievable. I really was not expecting that such a high quality performance was possible in Second Life.

The band is fascinating, charming, pushing me to dance and to relax, as well as to think about the message of the lyrics. Sheela Nagy’s voice is warm, clear, suggestive, impressive as the playing skills of the musicians, jumping from Irish traditional music to Scottish folk, passing through Native Australian sounds and African rythms. After a while I felt like I’ve been put a spell on, realizing that I was being there since 45 minutes and I still was feeling like I just got 5 minutes before.

Too soon the gig was over leaving me starving for more and more LabGraal. I’m not just going to suggest you to “buy a ticket” to their next live concert (don’t worry, really no ticket needed), I will do more, I’ll keep you posted and even send you a taxi, because I’ll come too! LabGraal is music to feed your soul and we all need to take a bite of it.

The Second Life of the LabGraal

The charity concerts of the music band LabGraal in Second Life go on.

LabGraal dedicates the major part of its concerts, both in second and real life, to charitable causes such as Natural Peoples, the fight against cancer, abandoned animals. Each time LabGraal’s concerts are a smash and they draw hundreds of Avatars from around the globe; and the fame of this band in SL has grown as to attract the largest media groups of the metaverse. LabGraal’s distinct style, a mix of Celtic, tribal, folk and rock, creates enthusiasm and spellbinds its audience.

Currently, the group is overwhelmed with concert requests from Sims across the Second Life universe.

The band is often guests of Celtic lands, such as the Irish Glendalough and the Scottish land of Loch Lomond, or the Caledon regions. The group has performed many times for the US  Association” Relay for Life”, in the fight against cancer. Each concert was a hit.

LabGraal’s concerts in SL are also broadcast on ShanCommunity Radio at:

From the Second Life press:

“LabGraal was certainly one of the most moving sounds I have heard in a very long time and they have a new fan in me. An amazing 85 avatars all dancing and listening to this fantastic music from Scotland and Ireland! What a beautiful voice, haunting and moving and true, if you haven’t heard them yet please do.” Dana Vanmoer,


Sheela Nagy aka Rosalba Nattero

JohnTitor Shan aka Giancarlo Barbadoro

LokiGraal Merlin aka Luca Colarelli

Narval Roux aka Andrea Lesmo

Gyot Greenwood aka Gianluca Roggero -


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