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CERN pays tribute to Peter Higgs
21 April 2024

Peter Higgs, in front of the CMS detector, in 2008. (Image: Maximilien Brice/CERN).

Peter Higgs passed away on 8 April at the age of 94

Sauvons nos Animaux, Congo: Animal-Friendly Camp
20 December 2023

The Animal-Friendly children's camp, where respect for animals is taught

Ecospirituality arrives in Congo. The great work of Paterne Huston Bushunju in keeping faith with the commitment made with Giancarlo Barbadoro, the inspirer of the refuge

Connecting the small and the large scales
26 June 2023

By collaborating with projects for future gravitational-wave observatories, CERN helps to find echoes from the past

Victory for California Indigenous peoples
04 October 2022

Victory for California Indigenous peoples

AB 2022 Signed into law prohibiting racist place names. More than 100 geographic features across the state using “'s'word”

On September 23rd, 2022, AB 2022 was signed into law by California Governor Gavin Newsom...

BASE breaks new ground in matter–antimatter comparisons
26 March 2022

View of the BASE experiment (Image: CERN))

The collaboration has made the most precise comparison yet between protons and antiprotons and tested whether or not they behave in the same way under the influence of gravity

CERN at 70 Inspiring the Future
04 February 2024

LHC, Large Hadron Collider, the famous particle accelerator at CERN

CERN Celebrates 70 Years of Scientific Discovery and Innovation

The CMS collaboration at CERN presents its latest search for new exotic particles
07 December 2023

This search for exotic long-lived particles looks at the possibility of “dark photon” production, which would occur when a Higgs boson decays into muons displaced in the detector

Illustration of two types of long-lived particles decaying into a pair of muons, showing how the signals of the muons can be traced back to the long-lived particle decay point using data from the tracker and muon detectors. (Image: CMS/CERN)

To Be a Dog in Congo
12 November 2022

Paterne Bushunju, head of the animal shelter "Sauvons nos Animaux" of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Just yesterday I returned from eastern Congo, where I spent a few days with Paterne Bushunju, founder & director of  Sauvons nos Animaux (AKI Partner).

Whose World Order?
25 June 2022

Ales Stenar, Sweden. Very large Viking ship stone circle and astronomical calendar of Viking culture

Comparison between the majority society and the ecospirituality society of Natural peoples

Today we live in a world full of conflicts, the war in Ukraine...

The sacred hill in Nicaragua
15 October 2021

A river in Nicaragua’s North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region. Image by Alam Ramírez Zelaya

Environmental defenders in Nicaragua denounce government crackdown as elections loom

There is a sacred hill in Nicaragua known as Kiwakumbaih...


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