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Philip Rosedale Humiliated By Second Life Voice – SHOCK!!!

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23 October 2013

Philip Rosedale: gob smacked by Second Life trouble?

Captured on a YouTube video saying he had been flailing about for an hour trying to get his voice working for a live interview in Second Life, company founder Philip Rosedale confessed to having endured a "crazy painful" struggle with the declining virtual world platform.

The former game god attempted to make the best of a bad situation by marveling that there are still active players in the game - not an uncommon sentiment, but perhaps not the most politic thing to admit.

“That was crazy painful. I guess my first thought is, its so inspiring what a great community we've still got here, even with - I mean look at me, I'm the guy who created this thing and it just took me an hour to get this working" - Philip Rosedale

The strangely pale and wax-like Rosedale appears to have been suffering from life-threatening blood loss at the fangs of in-world vampires -- or possibly from some bad decisions in his avatar skin and animation selections. Previous incarnations of Philip look significantly more lively.

Apollo Manga's 30 minute video documents Rosedale's visit to the Second Life for an interview by Emcee Widget as part of the festivities surrounding Burn 2 - a virtual Burning Man celebration held in-world.

Sparkle-crotch biker-bar Philip poses, circa 2010

Formerly known in Second Life as Philip Linden, Rosedale recently left Linden Lab and launched HighFidelity - a new venture that may someday be a competing platform.

Now that he is no longer on Linden Lab's staff, Rosedale was forced to drop the "Linden" last name which denotes staff members. But Rosedale still has some pull, since he was not forced to use the standard-issue "Resident" last name, and instead is the only Second Life player with Rosedale as a last name.

Rosedale's struggles could explain a problem that Hamlet "Hammie" Au of the Linden Lab fanboy site New World Notes is concerned about - falling revenue due to declining numbers of players willing to pay eye-watering sums for virtual land in the game.

However, another school of thought believes that if Linden Lab were to cut the prices on the 10-year old platform's main product, the invisible hand of the market might lead to more demand and greater total revenue - a concept that Hammie Au assures everyone will never occur.

My reluctant dance partner Hammie may be right, but something had better change soon, if the projections on Ener Hax's chart are at all accurate:

Meanwhile, I wonder if Philip Rosedale was sending a subliminal message with his new avatar's death-like pallor. Is this the end? Will we ever see Philip in drag or rocking the glitter crotch look again?


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