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Moving House in Second Life VS Moving House in Real Life

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20 July 2012

I recently moved house in Second Life and was then faced with a move in real life. I have moved about four times in Second Life and countless amounts of time in real life so I decided to compare the two, regarding stress levels, time factors, management and anything else that is involved in moving house.

A Second Life Move:

Moving in Second Life can be a fun experience, depending which way you decide to deal with the situation and it can be similar in some ways to moving house in real life.

Whenever I had to move in Second Life I would landmark my new home first and decide on whether to keep the same theme as my old home or change it, then I would shop for furniture accordingly.

My next step would be to pack everything from my old home and take it back into my inventory, which included deleting any copy items that I didn’t need and making a furniture folder for my new home.

Once everything had been packed and organized I would teleport to my new home and spend some time observing space, doing a prim count and working out where I wanted to put things. I would start by placing one or two houses down, depending on the size of the land and then start on decorating.

Moving house in Second Life can be very time consuming and sometimes it’s better to just stop and chill out somewhere or even log off for a while. I would usually make a day of it and have coffee breaks in between, sometimes I would do the move over a two or three day period to make it easier.

I’ve never really found it to be stressful in opposed to a real life move but it can take a lot of thought and organizing to achieve the look that you want and the great thing is if you want to change anything, most of the time it only involves a few clicks and your’e done.

A Real Life Move:

I hate moving in real life. I just do, I’m not a person who likes change in any way shape or form so a real life move is just stressful for me.

My most recent move was a disaster from start to finish. I always pack a small bag of things that I need, such as phone numbers, important papers etc and I keep that with me for the duration of the move.

Packing isn’t number one on my list, unpacking is a bit easier because that means I am at the end of my journey but it’s still a pain and trying to figure out where to put things can be just as bad.

In this particular move, the house that I was supposed to move into was didn’t exactly turn out the way I had imagined and had a lot of problems so I was homeless for at least a week and even though I was staying at a friends place, the thought of not having my own home was really horrid.

That situation came to an end and I found myself packing again for my new home but the whole ordeal had taken it’s toll on me a lot, to move from one place to another is one thing but to be in transit so to speak for a week and not knowing where I was going was a real worry for me.

My new place is great but it took me about a week to sort everything out, the whole experience made me rethink a lot of things and taught me to appreciate what I do have a lot more.

I would choose a multitude of Second Life moves over real life ones, it is just so much easier.


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