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How I met Sheela Nagy and LabGraal

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19 February 2012

Vickie Maidstone with the LabGraal

Music is the universal langauge of mankind. It moves us with emotion, it makes us lose track of time as we get involved with the feelings it releases. Music is a medicine to soothe our soul, giving us an avenue to explore those deep hidden feelings. Music allows us to express ourselves in our deepest thoughts, it also allows us to express the full range of emotions we experience. I certainly can say listening to rock and roll, country, bluegrass and now celtic music it really causes me to relax and loose myself as I can imagine colours of the rainbow, shapes, pictures and so on.

So, what does this have to do with meeting some very  wonderful people in a virtual world known as Second Life?? Well, one day a couple years ago I was surfing the internet looking for some interesting music to down load to my Shoutcast player to listen to while I did other work or just relaxing. I found a website called Celtic music Magazine and found a large listing of down loadable mp3 music. So as I looked through the listings all celtic by the way I saw one by LabGraal, so I clicked on it, and was immediately dancing to the tune as it really made me want to dance LOL. So after listening to it I down loaded the track to my player.

Sheela Nagy and Vickie Maidstone at the CNN Headquarters in Second Life

A few days later I was in Second Life and decided to do a search for LabGraal and found they have a place inworld, so teleporting to the sim I was greeted by Nevar Lobo who took some time to answer some questions and he asked if I liked to meet Sheela Nagy the groups leader, I told him yes and he told me to send a notecard to  her with some basic questions. So a couple days later my IM opened and here was Sheela!! After we greeted each other and added each other to our friends list she sent me her answers to my questions and invited me to join her groups so I could go and listen to them when they had their concerts.

Wasn't long like a few days later they had a concert. After getting to the sim I was greeted by members of the LabGraal Friends group and soon afters the concert began. I have to tell my heart sang with them that evening as I hear the songs they sang from their youtube videos to which I heard parts of and enjoyed. I did a video capture of portions of their show and posted it on my CNN Ireport account. I had accidently added a colour transition to which it went through the entire colour spectrum of the rainbow on the last song clip, and seeing that I cried because it added so much to the video.

LabGraal live in concert

In the time after that I did another interview about LabGraal and the Eco-Spirituality Foundation and it was also put on CNN Ireport as well. Sheela asked me if I like to have some CDs and the movie Shan as a gift from LabGraal, I gave her my address and a few days later was watching the movie in french and enjoying the music from their albums. Since then they have been very busy working on new music, working with the Indigegous Peoples of the world and other projects.

I want to say in closing such a wonderful way to meet new friends from another country as Italy certainly will stand out as a high light of my virtual exsistance. I am going to reference the reports I put on CNN Ireport for your convience. Next issue, well I will just give you an idea what I do, what I enjoy as I continue on in the strange new world of Second Life.


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